It seems that singer Michelle Lewis has a fixation with her hair, or at least playing with it in that way that young girls do when they're nervous. The album cover sees her covering her eyes with her hair, while similar photographs litter her website. It is fair to say Lewis has great hair. But in a way her voice matches that slightly innocent look that is often captured. The right side of twee, her vocal is delicate and treads close to breaking point throughout this, her second full-length album.

Most obviously this is displayed on Broken, which by its title gives away a vulnerability as she sings about 'aching inside' in a tender reflection of heart break. This is both the album's finest and longest moment - and it's a shame that the beauty isn't quite repeated elsewhere.

For this album Lewis has worked with Nashville hot-shot Robby Hecht, and there is a definite country feel to Runnin' Back Home and the similarly themed Run Run Run. Goodbye is more poppy, and better for it, while Paris and Lost in LA underline the album's sense of travel and journeys. A classy release - from the lady with the great hair!