Irish girl band B*Witched have had a big success back in the year 2000’s with popular tracks like “C’est la Vie” and “Rollercoaster”. After their participation to “The Big Reunion 2012” and following the audience’s craving demands for new songs, the Irish girls are back with a new EP called “Champagne or Guinness”.

“Champagne or Guinness” is a six-songs EP that is meant to bring the girls back on the front of the musical scene. Six original songs, written and produced by the band themselves, six songs to show they still have it.
What is sure is that they still rock the Irish sound that used to be their hallmark, in reference to their Irish roots. The whole EP is filled with happy back pipes and flutes sounds. “We’ve Forgotten How” stands out as a romantic ballad, with soft violin music that really compliments their voices.
“Fighting for the Drop” is quite a fun track with some interesting and unexpected kind of yodelling in the chorus. The single, out on the 21st of September, is called “The Stars are Ours”. It is a very summery and catchy tune, a good transition between what you knew and what you are about to discover. The video for the single is also a link between their musical past present.

Overall, the album is definitely more mature and shows that the girls have evolved and can meet today’s pop music’s standards. It is still fun, light, catchy but in a grown-up way. If you were a fan of theirs 15 years ago, you should feel like they have never left your side. If you are a newbie, just get up and start Irish dancing!