Utter madness... in a good way... and not for the faint of heart, Boomtown fair was the ultimate escape for those who love a good old fashioned rave!

Primarily made up of Drum n Bass, Reggae, Punk, Dub and Dub Step, the music at Boomtown was off the mainstream and consistently up-beat. No matter where you were there was always something good on and can be relaxing sometimes to not have the stress of planning what to watch next. With the exception of one artist, namely Shaggy, who provided a set so appallingly tragic that it wasn't even funny and sent most festival goers back to their tents, probably to cry.

The best thing, for me, about Boomtown is the attention to detail and the intricate decorations. Something that can be difficult to acheive with larger festivals but really makes a big difference to the overall experience and atmosphere. It is a shame that the rains came as I can't help but think that with a scorching weekend of sun, Boomtown could have been quite beautiful.

Unique and ingenious in its ways, Boomtown definitely has a defining presence on the festival stage and is gathering quite the reputation, especially amongst those who want to party hard and avoid the mainstream.

Although this may result in attracting a few choice characters and reprobates, Boomtown is exactly what a lot of people are craving when your Glastos and Bestivals are just a little bit tame.

Unfortunately, come the Sunday the weather had broken a large proportion of the crowd and abandoned flooded tents littered the fields. Boomtown may have lost out to the weather this year but its put up a cracking fight and I am intrigued to see what next year brings.