2014 has proven to be quite a breakout year for the 20-year old Californian-born producer, Connor Schatzel, known to many as LUMBERJVCK. Having just signed his newest 4-piece EP 'JVCKWOOD' to Dubstep king Excision's Rottun Recordings, this fresh talent is ready to take the bass scene by the horns and chop its roots down one axe-hit at a time. Gaining playout support from thrown-holder Skrillex this past year, there's no limits held for this musical-savvy mind.

Opening up with his KhemehK collaboration entitled "Bumpwood", LUMBERJVCK attacks listeners with an off-tempo melody that then dives head first into a wild blend of fused synths and samples. "Reelfoot Lake" comes in next with an industrial-esque introduction, making path for the ear-splitting drop that cannons forth. The third track, "Cordwood", incorporates unique elements of clacking bell melodies that combine incredibly well with the snappy percussion. Last but not least, "Mirkwood" makes a closing with its idiosyncratic use tribal drum patterns and future-bass synths.

All in all, an incredible EP, and I can seriously see LUMBERJVCK as a force to be reckoned with throughout the coming months. Keep an eye out for this talented producer as he continues to sweep the nation with his compelling beats. Grab your copy of the release here.