Another of the Esoteric Man reissues and, for me, the most consistent regular album they released – ‘Back Into The Future’ is special but ‘Twang’ just has greater consistency and a few killer tracks.

The band at this time (1992) was the classic lineup of Martin Ace, Micky Jones & Deke Leonard with John ‘Pugwash’ Weathers on drums and the sound has more aggression and power than you normally expect from the Welsh jammers.
The album opens with a blast ‘A Feather On The Scales Of Justice’ and the opening riff spells out the way the album will be going. Weathers drumming really gives some impetus to the band although he isn’t short on subtlety either and the guitar playing all through is excellent. The vocals are shared between Ace, Jones and Leonard but they really work best when they are harmonising.

The in-fighting and acrimony of the bands writing sessions are legendary but the songs here show the strength of fighting for your corner and they definitely play as a band when they get in the studio so that the result is definitely ‘The Manband’

The package here includes 2 cds of the band’s set at Glastonbury in 1994 and some may ask whether another live set is worthy of inclusion but Man are like a British Grateful Dead – every show unique and the fans will constantly argue over which is the best version of ‘C’mon’ or ‘The Ride & The View’. This set has some incredible high points including a stunning version of ‘A Feather On The Scales Of Justice’ and an even better ‘Many Are Called (But Few Get up)’.

A fine package, complete with the original poster and a must have for any Man fan.