Winner of numerous roots awards in her homeland of Canada, Catherine MacLellan has a habit of producing classy folk-blues drenched in her dreamy voice - and in the most part continues that here. MacLellan's fifth solo outing sees her working once again with producer Chris Gauthier and the pair gel wonderfully.

MacLellan delivers sublime hooks - such as on the driving Don't Call Me Stranger, where she seems to let her hair down and shake off the shackles. She should do it more often. The darker Jack's Song is similar, with its Chris Rea-like guitar mixed with Andy Leftwich's fiddle. He also plays on the more tender Beneath The Lindens, which like the title track, is laced with charm and beauty. But mostly MacLellan reigns in her rockier side.

It all seems so effortless, but the fact that it appears to come so easy to MacLellan is perhaps the album's downfall. While the musicianship is to be admired and her voice is magical -- there is not enough edge. Like its predecessor Silhouette there is plenty to admire - but not quite enough to love.