The DJ/producer behind such seminal dnb anthems as ‘Mr Happy’, ‘Use Your Brain’ and ‘Busted’ releases the much anticipated EP ‘Bricks Don’t Roll’ this month on the Playaz label. Music News wanted to find out a bit more about the maestro – and we caught him in a jovial mood, it seems! Here’s to you, Mr Happy!

Music News: In the world of dnb, you're something of a legend. Do you get recognised in the supermarket..? Any diva demands on your rider?

DJ Hazard: I don't go to supermarkets anymore as I now have a butler, his name is Arnold and he takes care of me and the only thing on my rider is water. I don't believe in holding promoters to ransom with outrageous demands.

Music News: You've just played Brighton and you were at Inno in the Sun recently. Did you get a summer holiday this year?

DJ Hazard: I don't get time for summer holidays, so my butler Arnold takes them for me. He tells me they're really quite fun.

Music News: Your new EP features a couple of tracks you threatened never to release (Meen Time and Mk Q), what happened there?

DJ Hazard: Well, really didn't want to release them as I wasn't happy with them but people kept asking so who am I to argue (I no longer argue with people, I get Arnold to do that for me).

Music News: People often ask what else you listen to apart from dnb. But what was the track that first got you into this genre...?

DJ Hazard: I listen to many types of music, can't say I like everything but I can appreciate it for what it is. I can’t remember the name of the first record I bought but I can remember the first tune I got really excited about, that was SHY FX 'This Style', I remember rushing home to play it.

Music News: How do you work best in the studio? Are you a 'late nights and Red Bull' kind of producer…?

DJ Hazard: I'm an all-night producer but no Red Bull; I've been banned from drinking energy drinks in 7 different countries… Nowadays I get Arnold to drink them for me and I stick to good old coffee (but not the cheap stuff).

Music News: You have a distinctive style... Do you feel under pressure to keep delivering bangers?

DJ Hazard: No not really, my butler Arnold makes all my music for me he is a great guy. He takes all the pressure out of it for me.

Music News: Gig of the year so far…?

DJ Hazard: I wouldn't like to say, can you imagine how many promoters will get upset that I didn’t pick them? They really are a sensitive bunch.

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