Ms Renee has an excellent voice and classic eighties soul presentation – she certainly could stand comparison with the Whitney’s and Jessie J’s of the soul world.

She has a long history with the SOS band and with Peabo Bryson but this is her first solo effort.

Musically, this covers a wide range from the glitterball disco scene of the early eighties and through to some Beyonce and J-Lo tinged modern R&B on numbers like ‘Mamacita’ but her heart is clearly in the period just post-Chic and before the advent of the Jay Z’s and Snoopp Dogg.

There are a number of standouts on the album including ‘Gypsy Girl’ with a sweet and subtle delivery and ‘If I Say I Love You’ which is pure Lostlittlegirl passionate but with a stunning production and delivery – in any other hands this would be pure stevia but she makes it work as though it was fresh and new.

A great voice and well worth a listen.