The music has its roots in kletzmer gypsy dance and Eastern European jazz but the lyrics have flashes of ‘Rain Dogs’ era Tom Waits. It takes a few listens to really ‘get’ what Ewan Bleach (clarinet), Jim Ydslie (double bass) and Louisa Jones (accordion and lyrics/vocals) but the result is a simply marvellous piece of music that has more facets than the average gemstone.

The music is gently melodic, full of humour and beautifully produced with a strong and clear identification of the instruments and Jones vocals have real depth and emotion but it is the lyrical content that really sets it apart from the rest – at once poetic and at other times deeply emotional. Jones words evoke images of daylight in the town, sailors lost at sea and bizarre art projects involving the wearing of octopi but the listener is constantly being given new aural vistas to explore and enjoy.
The quality of Jones vocals is undoubted but she has a lifetime of smoky rooms and whiskey nights in her voice and it simply isn’t possible to set her aside from the wealth of experiences you get from the way that she sings and the lyrics.

The experience is never less than intriguing and often mind-blowing but the band are truly original – one of the most enjoyable new sounds I’ve heard this year.