This is the third album from Jon Allen - who has now become somewhat of a regular on the playlist at Radio 2. It is easy to see why he ticks that box so well - a great voice and safe melodies, that at their best, shimmer and sparkle like the best summer days.

It's not just the dominant Radio 2 that favours his rustic tunes - with the likes of Smooth, Absolute and Magic also lending their support. Given that kind of recognition, it is surprising that he is not more widely known. Perhaps the answer lies in the unspectacular way he goes about his work - or it could be that so far that big killer tune has alluded him.

While Deep River will cement his place as one of the UK's most promising artists - it is also lacking that moment of stardust. The likes of Falling Back and Night & Day are pleasant enough - but only that. Too much here drifts by without a real impact. Allen's voice is very similar to the more commercial James Morrison, but he has the potential to be far more interesting. When things pick up tempo - like on the bluesy Fire In My Heart or the rockier Get What's Mine - you get a sense of more exciting things to come.