Some friends get together for lunch, some friends play golf, or if you’re anything like 1DAFUL, then some friends make party music together as well.

TB1 and David A’s friendship is one based on having fun, making music, and getting parties going. In 2010, the duo started out by working hand-in-hand to create several remixes of popular songs.

1DAFUL take an unorthodox approach in their brand-new flavorful electro-house remix of "No Flex Zone" by Rae Sremmurd. Ricocheting, unsettling beats, and incessant waves of hard vocal snippets wash over this simple introduction, as the track drifts into an intricate electronic buildup, smashing head-first into commanding, divine blasts of bouncy drops, accented by slight patterns and jaw-breaking hits.

Undoubtedly something worth checking out, and a perfect song to end your Thursday with. You can grab your free download of the track over at their Soundcloud channel today!