In recent years, pop duo Pet Shop Boys have been involved in a range of projects. From the soundtrack of classic film Battleship Potemkin, to a ballet and The Most Incredible Thing. So it comes as no surprise that they are one of the Proms in the 2014 calendar.

Their performance is of A Man From the Future, which is based on Alan Turing’s life, a highly influential computer scientist, who was also gay and persecuted because of that in 50s Britain. An incredibly influential figure, Turing’s life is dissected in a 45-minute performance, that at times, sounded a bit simplistic. But the duo mastery doesn’t let you down by the end of it.

At times you wish they would go full electronica in some parts, especially considering Alan Turing's involvement with technology. But it’s the Proms, maybe that would be a step too far. Juliet Stevenson’s narration of the plot was one of the highlights - and there in lies the problem. The music was largely forgettable.

Before the performance, there was also four songs from the Pet Shop Boys, sung by Chrissie Hynde. Her vocals didn't really suit the style and when Neil Tennant arrives to sing Ren’, you can finally see magic happening. Overall - just not enough of that magic and a little too much self-importance.