Music seems to be constantly repeating and evolving – what sounds fresh and new is in fact a development of a scene much loved, or in some cases, long forgotten. Liverpool’s Aeroplane Flies High tread this thin line between evolution and pastiche – and do it very successfully.

Their name is taken comes from the Smashing Pumpkins song and boxset of the same name, and there are definitely elements of Billy Corgan’s flagship project smattered throughout the Honey EP. The fuzzy guitars that are somewhat of a signature of 90s grunge/post-rock/ hard rock are highlighted perfectly on this delightful 4 track EP.

Interestingly however, whilst their name may suggest a hark back to the Pumpkins’ double opus ‘Melon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’, AFH have tapped into their inner Foo Fighters for title track Honey – the guitars are far from generic, but are clearly inspired by times past. The vocals however are perhaps the star of the show. The production of the EP has placed them to the forefront of the mix, and rightly so. Vocalist/guitarist Jack has a great voice, with tinges of Dave Grohl that add a great pop sensibility to their angular, crushing riffs, provided so expertly by guitarist Roanne. Of course, the hidden (in the loosest sense) gem of the pack is Louis on drums – his solid rhythms underpinning an EP that in its 15 or so minutes manages to blast the majority of current music out of the water.

Anyone wanting to listen to the Foos back in their hay day, or missing Burning Airlines, should get this EP now. And of course, the band are a live force to be reckoned with too. If they’re in your town, get down for a great night!