With the original being laid out back in March exclusively through Ultra Music, the revisited remix collection contains a vast variety of both chill-backed, melodic structures, and hardcore, fast-paced bangers. Getting treatment from well-known house artists, Fareoh, Maarcos, and Merk & Kremont, the album is sure to amaze.

Grabbing you by the feet, NYC-based DJ and producer, Fareoh, is first on the list as he pulls the track back to its rhythmical core before dropping into a softly-twinkling piano chorus, making listeners jump off of their chair in glee.

A steamy tech-progressive house rework comes next, pleasure of Maarcos, with a catchy riff-based hook. Merk & Kremont focus on generous use of drums and paired synth chords before smacking down with a funky sound, designed to get feet moving. Be sure to stop by iTunes today and grab your very own copy of this jaw-dropping release, you won't regret it.