Thursday evening saw a host of talent grace the stage at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen. The relatively small venue found itself full up with music lovers expecting great performances - and they were not disappointed. The enclosed setting added a sense of intimacy, allowing listeners to become fully engrossed in all perspectives of live music; from the impressive lyrics to the talented instrumentalists. The stage was set for something special as the audience waited in great anticipation for the show to start.

Raleigh Ritchie has had a whirlwind of a month, performing at festivals such as Wireless, T in the Park and the famous Glastonbury. The stage at Hoxton Square Bar and Grill would seem relatively miniscule in comparison, but the hype and enthusiasm expressed by Raleigh Ritchie on stage did not diminish. Oozing confidence, Raleigh emerged on stage to the warmest of welcomes from the loud and energetic crowd opening with a song which we can anticipate to be on his upcoming album entitled 'I Can Change'. Despite a minor sound issue at the beginning of the set, Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie allowed his bubbly and charismatic personality to shine through, feeding off of the positive vibes pulsating from the intense audience.

We’ve grown to expect certain things from a Raleigh Ritchie show - an overly talented band with evident chemistry and a solo artist with a captivating charm and soulful yet powerful voice. On more than one occasion, Raleigh thanked the crowd for their support, their involvement and encouragement. He even stated with a big grin how it was the first time he’d heard the crowd sing back his lyrics when performing an obvious crowd favourite 'Stay Inside' from his EP entitled 'The Middle Child'. He was grateful and overjoyed to see that people loved his music. Hours of writing lyrics and creating melodies to see the audience respond and appreciate it the way they did on the night, evidently filled him with pride and pleasure.

The loving crowd were treated to a wonderfully arranged set list consisting of new material that we hope to hear on his forthcoming album. He has performed songs from his back catalogue and of course his first single 'Stronger Than Ever' which is out now.

Raleigh Ritchie is an artist that the UK scene should embrace wholeheartedly. A talent and a star that will continue to shine as his musical journey continues. Jacob Anderson, the musician, is impressive to say the least.

We must also mention another artist on the night, who caught the eye and captivated the ears of the audience - Georgia Mason. Opening the night, Georgia Mason and her band took to the stage and delivered a set which left all those present in admiration. Her delicate, yet strong voice accompanied by talented back-up vocals and an inspiring band gained her many fans. She truly was an endearing character as she performed songs from her upcoming EP 'Running Blind', available on the 20th July, one that I definitely will be purchasing. Another artist deserving of recognition on a night full of great talent!