The Glaswegian indie band are back after an absence from the music scene for some years with an outstanding new album release in 2013 aptly titled 'Right Thought, Right Words, Right Action'.

They came onto the stage at Somerset House yesterday evening and launched straight into a very energetic set and continued at the same pace for over 90 minutes to the obvious delight of their audience.

The earlier part of the set consisted of older favourites 'Do You Want To' and the title song of the new album. They followed up with the exceptional mash-up of 'Can't Stop Feeling' and Donna Summer's classic 'I Feel Love' - Franz Ferdinand performed this amazingly well at the Roundhouse in March and I wouldn't have thought it possible, but it was definitely an even better performance last night.

They followed up with the catchiest numbers from their new album - 'Bullet', 'Evil Eye' and 'Love Illumination' - which had the crowd enthusiastically singing and cheering along.

After completing the set with a passionate group drumming session, they came back for the encore to perform several tracks including 'Fresh Strawberries', 'Goodbye Lovers And Friends' with an musically brilliant extended instrumental, and ending with 'This Fire'.

Alex Karpanos interracted with the crowd just enough to make a connection but the band let their music do the rest. Franz Ferdinand were awarded the Best Live Band award by the NME in 2006, and based on last night's performance I'd say they'd be very worthy recipients of such an accolade again in 2014.