Apart from a shocking lack of respect for the question mark (all three songs on this introductory EP seem to be questions - yet not a single ? appears!), Bristol based Derry seem lovers of the traditional pop-song hook. Put together by Northern Irish songwriter / producer Tim Hegarty, who plays acoustic guitar, they are Loui Andrew George (Lead Vocals), Will Allen (Lead Guitar), Brandon Quinten-Hicks (Bass), Mattia Collu (Drums), and J Roberts (Keyboards).

Couldn't I Be The One was written by Hegarty and Martin Sutton (LeAnn Rimes / Backstreet Boys) - and it has a sunshine feel, somewhere between Wet Wet Wet and Bread. It's refreshing to hear a song that doesn't seem over-produced and processed. Nostalgia is also evident in the excellent lego inspired video to accompany the song.

Derry say they are a mix of Eagles and X-Factor vocals - and that seventies sound is also evident on the extra tracks here; Hey! What's Your Name and Will You Follow Me. An impressive start. Now all they have to do is work on the question marks.