Probably better known for her work in the dance and electronic fields, this EP from Laura Jae is more reflective and contemplative than you might expect.

Overall there’s an ambient vibe, but not without some left turns along the way. This comes to the fore on Running Wild, with its beats and complementing bass runs plus rhythms that bring to mind very early Peter Gabriel.

The spatial opener Let Go has gentle use of synths and rhythms and gives Laura Jae’s exquisite voice the space it needs to flesh out the song. Nostalgic follows; its almost glacial tones and sparseity complemented by the piano. After that we come to Numb which floats on a bed of synth washes.

Out Getting Ribs is a King Krule cover and while high on the atmospherics, it is a little on the dull side. The bonus track Love Triangle is more up-tempo but feels lacklustre.

Despite the skilful use of synths, beats and percussion the EP is a bit one paced, and at times the attention does wander. It is what the Future Sound of London would sound if they had a heart and a soulful, versatile singer. This collection maybe better appreciated after the midnight hour.