With the great milestone of performing his debut set at EDC Las Vegas this past month, Kove returns with his sophomore EP on MTA Records, 'Way We Are'. Being a collaborative effort alongside Bradford-born vocalist, Melissa Steel, the collection contains an eclectic variety of both creativity and sound. Racking in at a total of four unique tracks, Kove delivers two originals, with a side-dish of two edits.

Opening up, the title track, "Way We Are", features a chimey, yet appropriate DnB melody, which is accompanied by the gorgeous vocals of Melissa Steel. Breaking even his own boundaries, the production manages to impress yet again. Next up is “Liberator". This track is a bit more exuberant than the previous, and adds in a bit more traditional DnB flavor, paired neatly alongside incessant Reggae vocals. Following this is Kove's first edit of "Way We Are", with the 174 Mix taking a stance. Siting from the core of the original, he is able to pace up the tempo, and incorporate some of his signature UK DnB elements. This one is by far one of the most progressive songs on the pack, with deep sweeping melodies, coupled with seamless basslines.

Finishing off with the Dub Mix, a slower-paced, dub-influenced track, this EP makes a great closing. With heart-beating bass patterns, and off-beat vocal structures, the edit is easily discernible in authenticity from the others. Overall, a great sound to the EP, and a great execution from Kove & Melissa Steel. Impeccable production, this one is worthy of a 5. Check out the EP over at iTunes today and pick up your copy while it's hot!