The Wonder Villains, an exciting new young Irish band, are quickly attracting a faithful following. They are currently creating a stir on the music scene for all the right reasons, having recently released their debut album, Rocky. Like their single releases, it has an upbeat vibe with influences from Pop and Indie styles. Songs Zola and TV especially exhibit this combination of genres at its best.

The group, comprised of brother and sister Kirean and Eimear Coyle, Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty, formed while studying together in Derry, Northern Ireland and have spent a few years building their reputation by supporting bands such as The Human League and Madness. The bands that they have supported are indicative of the Wonder Villains' individual style, combining beats of electro and the melodic optimism of Pop.

Using electronics to give their songs an '80s style, Rocky, is musically very strong. Far from making the music seem old fashioned, the nostalgic flash back in music history, creates a new layer to what could have ended up as just another pure pop album. Over the top of the electric beats, the group use vocals and guitar riffs to create melodic sounds, more familiar to the ear.

In lyrical terms, the band avoids any clich├ęd topics which is, ironically, rare in modern music. The lyrics of the first two songs on the album, in particular, are reminiscent of the all too short lived chart popularity of the Ting Tings. However, all of the songs on the album have a fresh feel to them, covering styles that have not been produced by such a young band since the 1980s. It is a very different, almost brave choice for a group on their debut. It also takes a clearly confident, musically talented band to present this style in their own unique way.

Rocky is an album full of fun tracks and shows a band that will definitely continue to grow in popularity.