Jazz FM presented a three day weekend of compelling rhythm and blues that evidently touched those young and old. There was such an eclectic turn out of people, who had a mutual appreciation of all things soulful and of course jazzy!
With the likes of Jamie Callum, Earth Wind & Fire, Laura Mvula and Imelda May taking the main stage it made for 72 hours of good vibes, family time and quality music!

The energy was high and the symphony of saxophones, drums, guitars and pianos filled the air with melodic enthusiasm!

Ronnie Scott’s Big Top showcased the likes of bassy Gregory Porter, who was a clear favourite amongst the avid Jazz lovers; performing a healthy mix of his new and old material!
It also held the bluesy tones of Lalah Hathaway who had the crowd enchanted by her blossoming melodic rifts…

It’s fair to say that most of the acts had all the festival-goers appreciating the 70/80’s soul injected into their selection of jazz tunes! I certainly had my hips swaying to the sultry sounds that covered the Glynde Place grounds.

The Phronesis and Omar also took the crowd by storm in the Arena with Omar performing his classic rendition of “Nothing Like This”. The Phronesis brought a more upbeat set to the Arena, transforming the vibe to what would remind you of carnival!

Overall this festival was not one to be missed, and can only assume that next year’s edition of Love Supreme will be just as inspiring and forthcoming with exposing the beautiful music that is Jazz!