Sound of the Sirens are folk/rock duo Abbe Martin and Hannah Wood and while it’s unlikely that they are going to be responsible for the carnage their mythical namesakes were, they are somewhat hypnotic.

Still Life kicks things off, initially a trifle low key, the guitars, the vocals, the harmonies and percussion gradually building into quite a melancholic sounding song. Undeserved takes things down a notch; a sparser, darker song, that’s almost spat out at times as the Sirens sing in tandem, and bounce their vocals off each other.

All That I Could Find, is a lovely ballad relying only on the Sirens’ voices and guitar. It sounds almost crude in its execution but the heartache is palpable. Stars closes the EP on a far jollier note, with a mandolin lobbed into the mix, it builds to a rousing climax.

Although they are touted as ‘folk/rock’ there’s not a lot here that really rocks (although there’s plenty of energy), or will be new to those who listen to folk or traditional music. What there is, is bundles of passion, a natural rapport and a knack for crafting some very catchy songs. My guess is that live is where they come into their own, and really let loose.