Jasper Erkens, also known as ALTREGO, is a Belgian based in London. This is his first EP.

It’s a curious mix of heavy beats, fuzzy basslines, electronica and some quite oldtime funky sounds. The latter is prevalent on Love is Flawless, only for it to be clobbered by those heavy beats and fuzzy basslines, and it works pretty well, up to a point.

Movies opens the EP with little more than a basic beat and non-descript vocals, for it then to be interrupted by those fuzzy basslines. A Lizard on Ice is a catchy bass driven song that trundles along nicely, only to be interrupted by those fuzzy basslines. Lucky 13 is on a trippier level and while he does get those fuzzy basslines in, it’s slightly more conventional in structure, and frankly a relief. The title track closes the EP and this is a tour de force for the fuzzy heavy basslines, though with a more ambient touch.

There’s clearly talent here and knocking people for having ideas and experimenting is pointless and daft, but it does get a bit repetitive, almost predictable, after a while. This EP may well work quite well in clubs but not sure about repeated listens elsewhere.