The drip, drip, drip, effect of the Canadian music scene is no doubt going to take over the UK in the next few years. Vancouver based band The Fugitives are currently in the country and by this point probably still nursing their hangovers from a set at Glastonbury. Described as an indie folk collective, these chaps are cool as cucumbers and very funny to boot.

With a revolving door of artist joining frontmen Brendan McLeod and Adrian Glynn expect an eclectic and sincere sound to their music. Adrian is a solo artist in his own right and Brendon is a critically acclaimed novelist and spoken word artist and poet. That may sound a little pretentious but over a long breakfast on a lovely summer’s morning, it didn’t take long to realise these down-to-earth chaps could be your best mate down the pub.

A few years since their last album “Eccentrically We Love”, they are returning to the scene with new album “Everything Will Happen” which is out on 14th of July. A beautiful mix of uplifting and melancholy, this album roars with upbeat rifts on tracks such as the “Wilderness Years” and tear jerking simplicity on “My, My”. No need for comparisons, this is an album for music fans not just folk lovers.

The Fugitives chatted about touring in Europe, the new album, and that all important petrol station sandwich while on the road. Listen to the interview in full below.