The weather was quite dull for this first day of the Calling Festival. Luckily, skies and moods cleared up for the exceptional line up act: Aerosmith.

After a long rainy day, where one could not go far without proper wellies, the moods and the atmosphere were a bit muddy. A huge crowd, gathering people from all age and backgrounds, was waiting expectantly for the main act, Aerosmith, set to end the first day of the Calling Festival.

The day has been pretty relaxed, despite the not-so-great-but-very-festival-like weather. People did enjoy the variety of acts that performed on two different stages. With “Lonely the Brave”, Richie Sambora, “Thunder” and “The Jezabels”, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

Families, young and old, rockers and preppy people were all united to enjoy the band. At 8:30, after a daylong wait, Aerosmith made its entrance.
The least you could say is that Steven Tyler still has it! He is funny, joking around and having a great connection with the audience. Steven did get close to his fans, letting them rub his hair and chest, which is something you do not get to witness that much these days. No tension, no seriousness, just rock-and-roll and the best hits from the band. Joe Perry is giving an amazing demonstration of proper electric guitar playing and sung at the top of his lungs. Perry and Tyler and partners in crime and it is showing.

After all their hits, sung to the ravishment of a crazy crowd, they sang a few reprises like “Do it Like a Lady” which lasted longer than expected, for everyone’s pleasure.
The show ended after two completely insane hours, where Tyler and Perry gave their all.

Calling Festival’s first day was definitely rock-oriented and gathered a great deal of rockers from all ages. Its brand new home, Clapham Common, did fit the part.
See you in 2015, Calling Festival!