Last Wednesday, exactly 30 years after the release of Prince’s mythical album “Purple Rain”, Radio Riddler launched their lastest album, a proper reggae tribute to Prince and to the ultra famous hit “Purple Rain”. Filled with joy, dancing people and very special guests, the night was placed under the good energy of reggae music.

Radio Riddler is an extremely cheerful and talented reggae band. On Wednesday night, they launched their very last album “Purple Reggae”. A big crowd, gathering people of all gender and age, was at the Jazz Cafe in Camden to welcome that new record. Reggae is a very chilled and relax music, the one that warms up your heart and makes you feel happy. Naturally, the atmosphere was likely: a collection of people, a friendly band and joyful music; everything was there to make you feel at home.

The band is having fun on stage, nothing is fake, everything is authentic. The songs are good, really good. “Take Me With U” is featuring Deborah Bonham, sister of John Bonham (Led Zeppelin’s drummer). Her warm, raspy voice is the hyphen between blues and reggae and it is a happy marriage!
“The Beautiful Ones” is a great ballad, very sensual and smooth. “Darling Nikki” is a surprise: lyrics and music are quite peculiar and somewhat funny but it works. Dedicated to the one Nikki that happened to be in the audience on Wednesday night, the song is actually based on an ex-girlfriend…
The reprise of “When Doves Cry” got the whole crowd singing and dancing in rhythm. This well-known song appears fresher and different under the reggae treatment.

The concert ended with the amazing cover of “Purple Rain”. Anticipation was building up right from the start of the gig because fans were wondering if Ali Campbell (UB40’s well-noticeable singer) was in the building. Their waiting was rewarded as, indeed, Mister Campbell was in the Café! What a fantastic moment, what a blast, what a great mix between reggae music and Prince’s hit song!

All good things come to an end and, even though they made it last, the evening couldn’t go on forever. “Purple Reggae” is a really good album, filled with “feel-good” music. Whether you like reggae music or not, do check them out and try to catch them live; you will not regret it!