Camden Crawl is a much-expected festival. It happens on the summer solstice, when the day is the longest and there is a good chance of sunny weather. It gathers dozens and dozens of concerts and gigs, all across Camden, in many different venues. A festival you do not want to miss…

If you are a music lover, always ready for an impromptu gig in some weird place, then Camden Crawl is THE festival for you. Twenty-two bars and venues all across Camden are welcoming and hosting more than thirty concerts. It is the perfect occasion to discover as many new songs and music as your feet and ears can take.

On Saturday, at the famous Roundhouse, there was a dj set on the terrace. The Camden beach is not open yet but many people gathered to enjoy the sun, a fresh pint of cider and some funky music. The audience was insanely hectic, from babies to bouncing older people, from families to friends, from connoisseurs of the genre and newbies. The atmosphere was relaxed, everyone finding what they came for and enjoying each other’s company. Add a sunny and warm afternoon and you get the perfect recipe to an unforgettable day.

A lot of pubs were offering rock, pop and acoustic concerts, from 3 in the afternoon up to late at night. The most peculiar gig was probably Ed Dowie’s. Set in Saint Michael’s church, in a small alcove where the holly representations of catholic religion are kept, it was a truly intimate performance. People were sitting on the cold floor, in a silent that was almost religious, listening all ears to Ed’s unusual music.
Dowie is using unknown instruments, like an old doll’s crying box or a tiny piano that works with wind. The result is surreal but it works! The sounds are adding up like a well-oiled equation and Ed’s delicate voice gives a magic sense to his words.

The weekend ended up at Koko, with several acts that had everyone dancing and clapping along. Camden Crawl is an amazing festival that gathers music, incredible venues and people from all around the world. And all that on the longest day of the year…