Dressed all in white, Ricky Martin danced his way onto stage to the tune of "Come With Me" milking the expectant crowd for every clap, whistle and scream he could get (check out the video below). The mood he was in was questionable after being hurriedly rushed out of his press conference early by an entourage that even Jay-Z would have been proud of. He is, without doubt, a crowd pleaser and if the burgeoning mass that had turned up to see him was any kind of barometer, he was even more popular than Robert Plant the previous evening.

Three changes came in quick succession transforming him from all white to all black. The second out-fit left me wondering if he'd been replaced by George Michael. But alas, No.

"Livin' la Vida Loca" and she "She Bangs" followed each other early in the set with lights and pulses racing. It must also be said that the sound system here at the main OLM Souissi stage has also vastly improved delivering a loud, crisp, highs and lows across all ranges at impressive volumes. And The backing singers and band also deserve a mention having clearly worked hard at the choreographed moves and arrangements.

For me, the sickly sweet speech confirming that we, him and the universe meant more right now than ever, he loved us and ... here in Morocco the crowds are even more special... was hard to stomach. But there’s no doubt he's in decent shape, was throwing some energetic moves and the resultant sound was pleasing - even to an old cynic. I must admit to a moment of madness when I found myself holding aloft one of the many "I Love Ricky Martin" cards that were kindly handed out on our way in.


1. "Come with Me"
2. "Shake Your Bon-Bon"
3. "It's Alright"
4. "Vuelve"
5. "Livin' la Vida Loca"
6. "She Bangs"
7. "Loaded"
8. "She's All I Ever Had"
9. "Private Emotion"
10. "Nobody Wants to Be Lonely"
11. "Más"
12. "La Bomba"
13. "Lola, Lola"
14. "Pégate" (with elements of Por Arriba, Por Abajo)
15. "María"
16. "The Cup of Life"

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