Featuring Bonehead and Alex Lipinski, I’m not sure what I was expecting of Phoneys & The Freaks but this trance laden ‘Oasis meets Floyd’ wasn’t it. Mind, it is absolutely superb so that’s all right!

A four track EP opening with ‘Set The Night On Fire’ and the track builds into a horn laden bellow of sound with trumpets muted behind a wall of sound creating a mighty number.

‘Writing on the Wall’ is, on the face of it, an acoustic number with a gently picked guitar making a meandering stream behind Alex Lipinski’s earnest vocal. Bonehead’s guitar has echoes of Gilmour and the song holds a desperate loneliness in it that makes you want to reach out to the singer.

‘All For You (Soon Come The Morning)’ has a hymn like quality that carries the listener into reverie and dreamworld with a trumpet carrying the riff and some wonderful choir harmonies lifting the song to the heavens.

It has echoes of many of the indie bands that graced the eighties and nineties but at heart they are making music of their own and it is loaded with emotion and feeling without coming over as crass or contrived.