I’ve been enjoying this album for the last couple of weeks and it just seems to get better and better with every listen. His voice is pleasant enough but the range when he turns the wick up is special and he makes you feel his emotion like very few other singers I’ve heard recently.

He has been around for a while and has credits from people like Kenny Jones (Faces, The Who) and Ronnie Wood as well as being produced on this album by the legend Tony Visconti.
All of which would mean bugger all if it weren’t for the fact that he can sing and put over a song brilliantly.

Standout track on the album is probably ‘Hurricane’ where his lung bursting explosion of a vocal just sounds massive. There are touches of Roger Chapman in his vibrato but sheer power and a great performance.
That he can follow that up with ‘Heartstrings’ which is the best kind of syrupy country ballad with his voice almost turning to a yodel as well as showing the gritty rawness that underlies all his vocals is pretty special.

The playing all over the album is superb, the production is excellent and the songs are top notch but it is the vocals and the performance that really makes the album.

Love it!