Hailing from Toronto, Canada, "rugged pop” artist Alexa Ferr has packed a lot into her 19 years. With a background in dance and performing arts, the young musician is currently taking acting lessons and has been auditioning in both Canada and Los Angeles.

Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Rihanna, Alexa recorded her first EP, “Lipstick on the Glass” with songwriting and production duo, The Invaders in September 2013.

Although Alexa is ultra busy juggling a multitude of tasks, she took time out to have a chat with Music News to discuss working with Walid Azami, and what advice she would give to young musicians.

Music News - When did you realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

I've always been into singing since a very young age but as soon as I hit the stage at a few local contests when I was 10, I knew this was the career I wanted to pursue!

Music News - Which artists have influenced you?

Definitely Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Aaliyah, Brandy and Jojo who are amazing artists and performers!

Music News - Where do you draw inspiration from when you write songs and what’s your favorite part about the process?

Most of my inspiration comes from my own personal experiences or situations that my friends may have gone through and l try to create music that I know other people can relate to. My favourite part of the process is starting from scratch with just one idea and finishing off the song feeling so proud of it and accomplished with the outcome!

Music News - I understand that the renowned celebrity photographer and director Walid Azami shot your debut music single. What can you tell me about that experience?

It was such a great experience getting to work with Walid, he's an amazing director and was very flexible with my ideas and it was just a fun and comfortable vibe the whole day shooting my video with him and my dancers!

Music News - Considering that the music industry can be fickle. What advice would you give young musicians?

Don't give up, keep pushing and don't let the negativity of others to interfere with your dreams!

Music News - If you could perform with anyone, either living or passed, who would it be?

Hands down Rihanna, Aaliyah and/or Michael Jackson! They're all amazing artists and I look up to all 3 of them!

Music News - What embarrassing songs might I find on your IPod?

Probably KC & The Sunshine Band! My mom is obsessed with them and made me download their music once but I kept it because I love oldies music just as much as she does! :)

Music News - Will you be making any appearances in the UK in the future?

I hope to someday soon make some appearances in the UK! I've only been to London, England once before for 24 hrs and l would love to go back and see the rest of the UK and perform for my UK fans as well!

Music News - Anything you would like to share, from upcoming shows to albums?

You can definitely check out my twitter and Facebook for all updates on my shows and I’ll be announcing some great news regarding new music very soon so keep on the lookout for that as well.

For more details check out Alexa's twitter page and website!!!!