Morecombe pop outfit The Heartbreaks released their second album, We May Yet Stand a Chance on June 2nd, picking up where 2012’s Funtimes left off.

Their second release shows The Heartbreaks to be an increasingly well-oiled machine. Too slick to be considered alternative, We May Yet Stand a Chance is a pool of jingly-jangly pop numbers.

Produced by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers), their second release is comparable to their first with a succinct 39 minute runtime filled to the brim with rattling pop tunes such as ‘Hey, Hey Lover’ and the crowd sing-along ‘Absolved’.

Throughout perennial nice-boy Matthew Whitehouse croons over bounding guitar riffs and soft acoustic backdrops, resulting in tracks which wouldn’t be out of place in a family party, nor the seaside resort where they originate from.

In first track ‘Paint the town beige’ Whitehouse serenades, “Paint the town beige tonight… God forbid a place like this would have character or charm.” By addressing the death of the British High Street over wailing guitar, the track outlines the zeal of The Heartbreaks to create fun pop music for the people.

Stand out song, ‘This is not entertainment’, begins with an unexpected flamenco style melody upon a stark bass-line driven by claps, blending effortlessly into another pop ditty that The Heartbreak’s have made their staple.

We May Yet Stand a Chance is a compact 13 song collection of welcoming pop anthems. Those looking for soft anthemic pop songs will no doubt find something to get out their seats for.

Stand out songs: ‘This is not entertainment’, ‘Paint the town beige’, ‘Absolved’