Both of these albums were recorded live around Xmas time in 2013 and like the best live albums the crowd reaction puts you in the hall with them.
Thunder have been around since 1989 and if they hadn’t learnt to whip a crowd up in that time they would be doing something very wrong and the crowds here do them proud – it doesn’t hurt that the band sound as though they are having a good time too!

Thunder are not one of the bands that grew out of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal but they definitely appeal to the same audiences as bands like Saxon and Leppard but they also have a clear identity and surprisingly sound fresh and confident even when most of their sets are covers – they play in a way that makes the songs their own and listening to this version of ‘In A Broken Dream’ really puts the Python Lee Jackson version in the also-ran category. They plunder happily from the Doobie Brothers, Elton John, Bob Seger and even Stevie Wonder but don’t sound anything like a typical covers band – their own material kicks some ass too!

As rock bands go they play with power and assertiveness as well as a sense of humour and with Daniel Bowes vocals alongside Ben Matthews and Luke Morley’s guitars as well as a rhythm section of Chris Childs and Harry James they have a ton of talent to go with around thirty five years of stagecraft – the quintessential live band and they added a horn section for these gigs to up the power and pizzazz too.

I’ve treated these two albums as one release as they reflect two gigs but also feature numbers from each of them so there is a great sense of the continuity of a band on the road.
Thunder are really a fine band and more importantly a great live band and these albums do them real justice.

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