Some artists break the mould with staggering new sounds and others take the known and create something new. Then there are artists who simply play with such verve and joi de vivre that they make the common sound fresh and alive and that is where Chris Bevington finds himself – this album is full of the classic sounds of Blues and soul but it has a great life and swing.

Bevington has been around for years mainly playing with local bands in the North West and playing support to some of the bigger names on the circuit but as far as I know this is hos first solo escapade and he seems to have brought many years of playing and of picking the sounds he likes to this album.
Musically the styles vary from big and brash Blues/soul to slow Blues and every track seems to drip with groove and feeling but the general feeling is of a man having a blast in the studio and the fun seems to leap off the speakers and infect the listener – this is just damn good!

He is joined by a host of musicians, all of whom are fine players, but it is definitely his album and the bass playing throughout is excellent. The vocal side sees a traverse from Blues shouting to deep and soulful emotive wailing. On ‘All I Need Is You’ Scott Ralph pleads with passion and the harmonica from Rob Wilkinson is dark and mournful while ‘I Don’t Need No Doctor’ has the right punch and force with backing vocals by Sarah Miller and Angela Lazenby giving some pizzazz.

‘Crossroads’ is dense and swampy with some fine guitar and a brilliantly heavy bass line and ‘Blue On Black’ takes you in a very American direction – almost Doobie Brothers like but the absolute standout is the closer ‘Party Right Here’, a brilliant bit of boogie that just hits a spot that needs hitting.

He has been getting some rave reviews and after listening to this I can understand why – belting album that just needs to be played on repeat.