Los Angeles four-piece Grouplove, most known for hit song ‘Colours’ from 2011’s Never Trust a Happy Song, have packed a punch in their second studio album Spreading Rumours (released May 26th).

The record begins with an ethereal 2 minute intro to ‘I’m With You’ before Christian Zucconi’s voice kicks in. From here on in, Grouplove embrace indietronica, producing all-out shouting anthems in their latest collection of 13 unfaltering catchy indie tracks. They particularly find their feet in the album’s second single release ‘Shark Attack’, an effortless fusion of electronic and alternative rock.

Highlights of Spreading Rumours emerge through flashes of Pixies-inspired tracks such as ‘Borderlines and Aliens’ and the album’s first release ‘Ways to Go’ which hark back brilliantly to the 90s rock-boom, but with a fresh outlook, as Zucconi and co-vocalist Hannah Hooper raise their voices over driving guitar riffs and bouncing beats.

Keen-eared gamers will notice that ‘I’m With You’ features on the FIFA 2014 soundtrack. But, this supports a feeling that I couldn’t quite shake. Without meaning this as a criticism, it feels that much of the record is destined for a kitsch advertising campaign. Though this might not strike as ‘cool’, it just emphasises Grouplove’s ability to write feel-good likeable tunes with driving vocals. On ‘Hippy Hill’ Zucconi sings, “I’d rather by a hippy than a hipster” and their feel-good ditties certainly back this up.

Stand out songs: I’m With you, Ways to Go, Hippy Hill