Tallulah Rendall is a mysterious singer, determined to achieve her musical ideal. Her third album, The Banshee in the Moon, is an opportunity to follow her path, step in her footprint and discover what lies behind her motivation and her inspiration. A journey through being real to whatever you believe in…

The Banshee and the Moon is far more than just a record; it is a concept! It comes with a stylish book filled with artistic yet simple black and white pictures. You can also read and discover how the album was born.
Tallulah Rendall is a very talented artist: she sings, she writes, she plays a variety of instruments and gives powerful performances. Her album is a chance to enter her world, to believe in her music as much as she does, to stand by her. It is fairly easy: the more you learn about this album, the more it strikes you.

The lyrics can go from light and fun to darker and sadder. Tallulah’s voice is delicate and blends in with the instruments. “Run Let the River Run” is a great first track, vibrating and cheerful. “She Rises up” is a very daunting and shadowing song about realising that you own the key to your happiness and that you are free.

Tallulah’s music can be rockier and edgier too. “Land Away” and “Hear Me Now” are different and stand out from the album as darker sounds. Finally, “Eyes” is a wonderful catchy song with great vocals.

Inspired by her own experiences, Tallulah Rendall invites you to open your eyes on your life and to reflect on what you truly want and how you can get it. More than just music, The Banshee and the Moon is an inspiration, a concept, a way of living…