Eluusif's 'Aliens Do It Better EP' is a presentment of deep, thumping basslines and drums which have become the blueprint of dubstep but, as the genre becomes more popular, the archetypal grit has been partially diluted using soft, melodious vocals and more tuneful synthesis.

The album offers only a carefully-selected few songs with facetious names, and this is within keeping with the light-hearted nature of the EP. This is still intrinsically dirty, grimy dubstep but it's not fraught with a complication of incompatible noises to an off-key rhythm – instead, it's neatly and deliberately constructed with cool breaks that build to drops that would blow the roof off of a party.

Largely instrumental, multimedia artist Eluusif takes us on a journey of sound manipulation that is both loud and garish in a good way. If you're not a fan of rough-edged leads and synths that grate, grunt and grind throughout compositions, then this will probably sound like nails on a chalkboard. To those who appreciate the bone-crushing nuances of good, uptempo electronic dance music, then this is just the type of controlled pandemonium that will be right up your street.

This being said, songs like 'You Should Be Mine' will appeal to more than just the diehard bass heads. It's sexy, sophisticated and fairly skeletal as far as dance music goes, so it's not at all jarring to listen to.

You can't accuse the 'Aliens Do It Better EP' of being a dedicated dubstep album as it tries to go about things a little unconventionally, but what it is is one hell of a dance record. May – just maybe – Aliens really do do it better.