This is a major change in direction for English singer-songwriter Nikki Murray, under a new moniker and with a sound aimed directly at the top of the charts. It Means So Much is already climbing up the Top 40s - and with a feel of One Republic meets Fall Out Boy it's not surprising.

Murray says he wanted a darker and more electro based sound - and something fresher. Working in LA with Steve Baughman again - whose clients have included 50 Cent, Eminem and Pink - Murray has succeeded with the first part - compared with his acoustic sound of 2012. In terms of freshness - it could be argued this is a typical modern single. However, the likes of Alex Clare (and there are elements of 2011's Too Close here) have proved that if you get the mix right, it can give you a massive hit.

Murray says the song is loosely about the change in his musical career - and feeling more freedom. Feeling liberated is obviously doing him some good - and hopefully it will mean more creativity for further singles, backing up the promise of his previous, more stripped down, EPs.