Lily Allen name-drops Lady Gaga and Beyoncé in her new track Sheezus.

The track is by far her worst single off her new album also called Sheezus, which is in homage to Kanye West’s album Yeezus.

The lyrics may be sassy but they are terrible and at one point she begins singing about ‘periods’.

The main point of the lyrics is that she is going to steal the pop crown from all the other divas and even though it’s a smart idea, she really should have come up with a better song to proclaim being the new ‘Queen B’.

The production however is relatively good and with the right style of singing could have made a hit but Lily’s soft, talking like vocals don’t match the trap-pop production.

The production also gives the song a futuristic feel which has obviously influenced the dark, alien like video.

If the song charts anywhere near the top 10 it would be a disaster for pop and Lily herself will probably be shocked as she knows the single releases are, in her words, ‘docile-pop’.