Young singer Corrina Taylor is another star of the future with a dangerous addiction; she LOVES Post-it notes. In fact after our interview I get my own little message written on an orange piece of paper.

"I really like the bright colours. A few years ago I was having a lull in my life and wanted to be doing more to help people. I really just didn't know what I was doing. So I decided one day to write lots of notes with inspiring messages on. Then my friend and I decided to go into Cambridge and cover phone boxes and benches with these Post-it notes - and then walk away and watch the reaction we would get. So now I leave them in random places with a little note on them, telling people to Google me and my song and then tweet me when they've heard it. It's really exciting and really working. I had one girl who dropped me a line to say that she'd been having an awful day and the song had cheered her up - and that she and her taxi driver were listening to my song and singing along!"

As marketing strategies goes, it seems an unusual method of accruing fans, Also a slightly laborious one. You'll need one hell of a lot of Post-it notes to catch up with Justin Bieber. Music-News also warns her to stay away from leaving notes in London phone-boxes for fear of getting the wrong clientele!

"I don't want to be distant from my fans, I want people to relate to my songs - because they are very honest. And I love social media for that reason because it connects people. I want to hear what fans have to say. I have always written diaries and Twitter and Facebook have become online versions. It is great to look back and see what has happened - and to share that."

Corrina has an infectious enthusiasm - all through her press release biography there are references to energy and smiling and in person she enthuses that spirit. She has had a varied few years, including work as an elf in Lapland and working as a radio presenter on student radio. Now she is on a music writing course in Brighton as she looks to perfect her skills.

"The Spice Girls was the first tape I ever bought. I loved pop music, like Bewitched and All Saints. My favourite song ever is Pure Shores, which I would have played at my wedding, funeral, all the occasions. Avril Lavigne was a huge inspiration. She was the one that when I listened to her, I thought I understand that. I think she is a fantastic songwriter. She has the same birthday as me too so we share the same stars!"

Corrina's single Always Coming Back is a bubble of energy, almost exactly like the singer herself. Is that intentional?

"It's always the case that when you see someone that is always smiling and upbeat, people assume they are a happy person. Sometimes that's not the case. I am now. But I have suffered from terrible anxiety over the years. I have been through horrible things and I am now in a good place. But it didn't come naturally. I was on medication at 16 and 17, because I couldn't cope. I couldn't even stand up properly it was so bad. One time I took myself to A&E because I didn't know what was happening. I was having a panic attack but didn't understand. I got through it because I always knew in my heart of hearts that I had more to give. I always had self-belief but there were times when it was completed clouded by horrible anxiety."

Corrina talks at length about feeling low and her anxiety issues - and you realise this is an inspiring person. Not just because they are looking to achieve their dream but because of what they have been through to get there. You get the feeling that the smile is never going to fade whatever happens.

You can hear Corinna talking to Music-News here about her latest single Always Coming Back and what the song is about: