Paige Logan and Heather Looney's motto is Life Begins at North 40; a catchy play on the old phrase to reassure those heading into middle-age. It's where the country duo got their inspiration from to work together and record their debut album. Logan is from Arizona and Looney from Louisiana, but the pair headed to Nashville almost two decades ago. They've known each other since, but have only just started working together.

It seems strange they have waited so long to team up - especially on hearing how well they combine and compliment each other on their debut. Sing Your Own Song is a rare beast, with the tracks getting stronger the further into the album you get. There's some typically country singalongs, in the shape of former single Hey Girl Hey and the opening Far Too Long. But the best is saved until the second half, with the touching Don't Make Me The Reason and Not As Good As I'm Gonne Be (both leaning more towards the sound of eighties power ballad masters Heart) and the hilarious La Di Da, with it's tale of female shopping karma.

On the back of this impressive debut, Music-News thought it only right that we caught up with Logan and Looney, as they travelled across the United States. Here the duo discuss how they decided to get together and the positive message they hope their music brings.