This wicked Vol. 1 sampler offers, just as the name suggests, the very best of Beast Records, the French label that brings you raw-as-guts rock n roll, swamp rock, head-on rock, hillbilly crossovers, psychobilly, and much more!

The CD contains a whopping 25 ultra-rough diamonds, from the alt-country rock of Orville Brody & Goodfellas (‘Be Back Home’) to the manic rock revelry of Bitter Sweet Kicks (‘Linea De Fuego’). The punchy, guitar-driven sound of Dan Brodie And The Grieving Widows (‘Over and Over’) contrasts with the brooding track ‘Wasteland’ by Slim Wild Boar And His Forsaken Shadow.

Raw, dynamic and spiked with seething guitar solos is ‘Come On’ by Rennes-based outfit Dead Horse Problem, the heaviness of the track is lifted by the more playful Burn In Hell number ‘Zen 007’.

A lush country-style pop tune complete with 60’s Motown backing vocals is the excellent ‘Heart Says Yes, Head Says No’ by Melbourne duo Texas Tea. On the other end of the spectrum, James McCann feels that he’s ‘Bound For The Blues’ though we’re talking in fact feel-good, rootsy pop-rock here.

Other gems include Pete Ross (the Australian Johnny Cash) with ‘I Won’t Wait’, Suzie Stapletons huskie, gritty Aussie folk (‘Asking’), the ferociously groovy ‘I Gonna Be Your Heroine’ by the raw-powered Head On (courtesy of Beast Records head honcho Seb Bomb Boogie), the eclectic alt-rock soul of Aussie band Gentle Ben And His Sensitive Side, as well as feral sonic attack of French band within band Bed Bunker (‘So Fine’). For those seeking more calming fare, the blues punk of Movie Star Junkies (‘Slow Dance’) will do nicely.

All that and more on one scorching sampler, which can be ordered directly from the label.