A quick look at Sonido Gallo Negro (Black Rooster Sound) suggests that they might be the Mexican equivalent of Chrome Hoof with their multiply skilled musicians playing under hoods and playing music that drips with atmosphere and mysticism. That is where the comparison ends but it has some validity as S G N seem to be as much a clan as a band.

Musically they are incredible. Latinate rhythms and a lead instrument of a Theremin (!) – they are occasionally psychedelic and completely ‘out there’. The Theremin lead gives the music a real sense of strangeness but the Mexicali guitars take them somewhere into party land and the Cumbia rhythms are utterly invigorating.

‘Sendero Mistico’ translates as ‘The Mystic Path’ and they take the mind of the listener down a number of mystical passages and walkways crossing over between Cumbia and Rhumba with ease and adding flute and guiro to the guitars, synths and that Theremin. The bassline is incredible – dark and slow but fluid and carrying the heartbeat with the music.

One of the most original sounds I’ve heard this year, really intense and enthralling in equal measure.