Dark horse dnb DJ Original Sin releases his hotly tipped 'Running Man' EP this week featuring female vocals from singer songwriter Koo. We caught up with Original Sin aka Adam Tindill for a chat about music, touring and what makes his fellow DJs smell nice...

MUSIC NEWS: What made you decide to go with a female vocal for the lead track and how did the collaboration with Koo come about?

ORIGINAL SIN: The idea for the track started with a disco loop which I over laid with drums and low simple driving bass and a Janet Jackson vocal sample which I looped also, when I took the demo home and listened to it I decided I would like to go for an original vocal and it would have to be female because the original sample would have to re sung. It just made sense to develop the idea and create more of a song and really emphasize the driving sound of the track.
I met Koo through a mutual contact, she's great to work with; we actually have another track together in the pipelines already!

MUSIC NEWS: You've experimented with a lot of different sounds over the years, do you feel a responsibility to shake up the dnb scene?

ORIGINAL SIN: I feel a need to shake up myself, I have to keep this interesting for me too and for me that means exploring as many avenues of drum and bass as I feel like and learning as much about music as I can

MUSIC NEWS: You're a big film buff and have said in past interviews you would love to score a film. Anything like that in the pipeline?
ORIGINAL SIN: I am a massive film buff, there are a lot of good series right now though too!! Nothing official, I am however writing a faux score - I'm hoping people will Listen and create the movie in their imaginations. I'm finding it very therapeutic as it allows me to be experimental without worrying how it's gonna sell or what it will do to my image, which has actually help me keep my general releases more potent and free of random tangents

MUSIC NEWS: Any plans to tour this Summer?

ORIGINAL SIN: I'm working constantly right now, there’s a real buzz about the EP, and I’ll be out there where ever there happens to be!!

MUSIC NEWS: What's coming up on Image Muzik? Is it hard to find the time to run the label as well?
ORIGINAL SIN: Next on image we have a single from 'Dan Blackout' feat tracks, Ranger dub and Sparks, it would be a difficult task if the responsibility fell on me alone but it takes more than just one person to hold a release schedule down.

MUSIC NEWS: And finally...You tweeted that you got Harry Shotta copying your aftershave (Tom Ford, btw) Do you have any other style tips to share...?

ORIGINAL SIN: That's a misquote LOL, I think you'll find I was agreeing that it's good stuff, those guys bought it years ago I hear, my girl surprised me with a bottle last Christmas and I'll definitely be replenishing the supply !

My fashion tip is: don't take fashion advice from me! I can often be found sporting the 'just got off a sleepless boozy long haul flight' look, but it’s not something I'd recommend!

Order ‘Running Man’ EP now at http://playaz.co.uk/store/original-sin-running-man-ep/