P.J. Pacifico has previously cited British influences as diverse as The Smiths and Del Amitri. While Morrissey-love might garner more nods of approval from music critics, the reference to the Justin Currie-led country-folk of the Glasgow band is much closer to the sound Pacifico produces.

The Connecticut-based singer has been releasing heart-felt folk-pop since 2005 and this five track EP is one of his finest pieces of work. With a voice as gentle as Paddy McAloon's, but with less husk, the EP opens with the wonderful title track. The song features the gentle tones of Memphis singer Garrison Starr, and their voices blend sublimely in three minutes of perfect acoustic-pop.

While radio-friendly songwriting has its downsides, Pacifico stays the right side of the line here with Just Like A Lover's la-de-das enveloping you like a warm blanket in winter. Walls is the least instant song here, while This Is My Heart returns to the winning formula of the opening two tracks. There are more elements of Americana on the closer Let Go Or Be Dragged, which builds superbly, completing an accomplished and classy EP.