Lapland, the one-man-band from Brooklyn, is storming the streets of New York with the release of his second much anticipated album. Josh Mease, singer, songwriter, and producer, also brings the instrumental brilliance to the set, inspiring musicians all over the UK as well as the US.

Releasing the third track of the album prior to releasing the whole album, Where Did It Go left the fans wanting more. The much anticipated self-titled album was released early March, finally revealing the new sound of Lapland, after the mellow tones of their previous album Wilderness.

With Where Did It Go, Unwise, and Metal Lungs available to hear on SoundCloud, previous to the release of the album, this 2nd album does take on a different angle to the nostalgic sound of the 60’s inspired electronic undertones. In Where Did It Go Josh Mease creates a sensation of absolute bliss, circling around the genre of Indie Pop with the soft vocals against the raw acoustics, bringing that of MGMT to mind. The album Lapland gets you lost in a dreamy world of tranquillity.