'Simon Adams EP' specialises in uplifting ballads that are soulful, completely emotive and based on Simon Adams' relationships and journeys. Not to suggest that his life hasn't had pitfalls but Adams has an optimistic outlook and that shines through in the brightness of these acoustic ditties. This is the type of music designed to relegate your troubles into the back of your mind, excite, intrigue and enthuse, so check your bad mood at the door and be prepared to smile till your face hurts.

There are very many Colplay-isms, so much so that I have to ask...has anyone actually ever seen Simon Adams and Chris Martin in the same room at the same time? But is it that Adams is influenced by modern British bands such as Coldplay and Keane or is this just a subgenre of Britpop with an edge that he falls under with the aforementioned bands?

Naturalistic acoustic complimented subtly by the odd effect but not enough to damage the authenticity and originality of the material. Everything is composed with precision and the end result is refined to perfection to at least give the impression of massive production values. The album pays a lot of attention to exhibiting balanced melodies in an enjoyable and expressive amalgamation of effective songwriting and composition. Adams considers himself particularly alternative musically but his EP would fit seamlessly into the pop charts and provide an inspirational lilt that will go some way to reinvigorating the genre as we know it today.

Each song has its own vocal and stylistic identity but is always guitar-led first and foremost. This is feel-good, almost shoegaze stuff but songs like 'Our Man' kick things up with a little bit of an edge to shake up things when they get a little “one speed”. Pacing is all important in a good album and the 'Simon Adams EP' realises this only too well, engaging its audience from the first song, upping the tempo to pique your attention for the next then gently bringing you back down to a safe, sombre landing with the likes of 'Born to Change the World' and 'Point and Shoot'.