Just being in the mere presence of a bona fide artist at work can both seduce and intimidate; one’s thoughts intensified as emotions are laid bare.

Such was the case on April 8th at the 75 Beat Club in Milan where Giuseppe Di Benedetto, a pianist, new to the Barley Arts Roster, presented a showcase of his first album named ‘Tutti Giu’ Per Terra’ (translating as ‘We All Fall Down’), though this is a clever play on Giuseppe’s nickname “Giu”.

In this intimate set up, Giuseppe with a display of effortless talent, showed why he is such a promising musician as he played all the tracks from the album. Intricate yet simple, complex but delicate, it was music not only for the ears but for the heart and soul too.

He spoke to Music-News telling me that he has been writing music for over 5 years now getting inspiration that range from his love for nature, tragic events like the earthquakes in Northern Italy to more personal sentiments such as the love for his wife.

Any mention of a similarity with the rather famous pianist Giovanni Allevi makes his blood boil and rather like Andre Agassi explained perfectly in his book ‘Open’, a love /hate relationship with his chosen art exists thanks to a maniacal attitude imposed on him by his father; it being the thing that most pains him and yet it is able to soothe his worried mind.

Complicated these artists!

Still, truly try and take the time to check out online tracks like ‘Sweet Lullaby’ or ‘Artika’. Thirty seconds and you will be sucked in.

I am sure time is on GdiB’s side and he will in the near future be able to showcase his wonderful music all over Europe and beyond.

Benedetta Taiana 5 stars

Here is a taster from the album-check out this video