Taking to the stage a few moments after the rest of the band, front man Tom Rowlett orders the awaiting punters to come forward, and as if drawn by a magnetic force, they act impulsively upon his instructions and we're off.

It's just gone 9.30 and Dexters launch straight into a hard hitting set starting with 'Cloudfest', also the opener on their fantastic debut album 'Shimmer Gold'. Next up is 'Never a Right Time' followed by the newly penned 'Nature of the Beast'. Another classic, catchy Dexters tune. There's not much banter from the boys as they knock them out thick and fast. We're then treated to a frenetic version of 'Recover' as the gig goes into overdrive with 'Start To Run'

'Shimmer Gold' serves to give both band and crowd a breather before immediately firing back into fifth gear with the gloriously intense 'Can't Sleep'. With the crowd now in full swing, the traditional curtain closer 'Oceans' is belted out and with that the gig comes to a sudden, unceremonious end as Tom flies away front stage and the band take leave back stage leaving no chance for an encore. It's bang on 10.10

A good set as always but given this was their first UK headline tour, it was a shame there wasn't more