Back in the seventies the wonderful Kenny Everett created the Worlds Worst Record show – audience were invited to send him the worst records of all time and the lead track by Nervous Norvus, ‘Transfusion’, was a permanent fixture in the top 5.
A wacked out argument against speeding featuring such gems as “Put the juice in me Louie” or “Make That Type O daddy-o”

This album is MAD! Completely gonzo or, as the title suggests, Zorch!.
At least half a dozen tracks here could have made the Everett top 10 and they are all diamonds, Aside from ‘Transfusion’ you get the brilliant ‘Ape Call’, ‘The Fang’, ‘Stoneage Woo’ and the excruiating ‘Does A Chinese Chicken Have A Pigtail?’. The producers have also thrown in another series of tracks associated with DJ Red Blanchard, most of them excellent fun, and a couple of covers of ‘Transfusion’.

Very much of its time, the album is full of naïve charm and simple, oddball, humour but for the youth of today they might be a little simplistic but anyone who enjoys George Formby or the Goons ‘Ying Tong Song’ will adore this.